Freelancing means working independently. A freelance business is a great business model that allows you to get started with virtually no overheads that you can start almost immediately with a bit of time and passion. It’s become more attractive lately as modern generations get discouraged at the shrinking retail workspace and lack of steady employment aspects. Most freelancers work over the Internet, which is great for acting as a “virtual business card” and network platform.


Depending upon the work, freelancers either work from home or at a company. Typically, the freelancer has no obligations with the organization, once the job is done. They can take up another freelance assignment.


Advantages of freelancing

What is freelancing

  • Flexible hours during freelancing


The first advantage of taking up freelance work is taking up work whenever you want. This way the freelance can work during their most productive hours. These hours need not be during the regular business hours as well.


  • Control over Jobs and Clients


Freelancing gives you an opportunity to choose with whom you want to work. If the client’s requirements do not suit you, as a freelancer, you can pass on the opportunity.


  • Higher pay in freelancing


Being a freelancer will give you the advantage of fixing your pay. You can go with the hourly payment option as well. However big or small the project is freelancers can decide about the payment.



Freelancing is the future


The freelancing numbers are growing day by day. As per the Freelancers Union, about 57.0 million Americans have taken up freelance work. There is an increase of 36 percent in the past 2 years. With technology growing every day, it is only making it easier to get freelance jobs.


Global Freelance Marketplace connecting Engineers & Businesses & Freelance economy


In the freelance economy, players such as Global Freelance Marketplace connecting Engineers & Businesses have a vital role to play. It is these portals that are helping individuals find jobs that suit their skill sets.


Global Freelance Marketplace connecting Engineers & Businesses specifically caters to telecom and IT sectors. Businesses and professionals can sign up on the platform. Businesses can post jobs and get in touch with right professional, While the freelance engineers can bid on the job and receive immediate payment once the job is done.


How to start Freelancing


I will be pointing a few things. Just to make sure you understand everything I say. So, basically, I am pointing out a few steps you need to follow. Only if you want to be a successful freelancer.

And the points are:


  • Select a professional skill
  • Gain that skill and become a pro
  • Implement the gained skill
  • Complete your personal projects
  • Create professional portfolio
  • Look for a trusted freelancing area
  • Search for a popular marketplace
  • Create your profile
  • Optimize that Profile
  • Describe yourself and your service
  • Write bidding offer properly
  • Convince your client like a pro
  • Set a proper value of service
  • Get the job
  • Ask for required info or data
  • Complete and submit the job
  • Ask for a good review


If you want me to describe each and every point than comment below.


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